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In the warm month of August, get some really hot deals at really cool prices!

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Special #1 – Free Spa Treatment with 90-minute massage

This month, pay for a 90-minute massage of any style at the regular price of $90, and get a free Spa Treatment. Choose from a Lush Hydrating Wrap, a Front Torso Mud Treatment, an Abdominal Balance Treatment, or a Curative Mud Facial treatment. You’ll enjoy the extra long massage, and get the spa treatment free – which makes your visit all the more special. (not available with prepaid packages)

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Special #2 – Add Body Detailing to your Massage

Add several nice little touches to your massage. Start with a Dry Loofah exfoliation before your massage. Than afterwards, get a Body Wash and a Full Body Moisturizing Treatment. Add all these together for only $25, plus the cost of your massage. You will feel clean, fresh, and invigorated. Ask for your “Body Detailing” today.

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Special #3 – 6-for-5 Special gets you more

At any time, you can pre-pay for 5 massages, and get the sixth one for free. Get 6 one-hour massages for $325. Get 6 ninety-minute massages for $450. But in August if you pay for the 90-minute package, you actually get TWO free massages.   So you get 7 90-minute massages for the price of 5, $450. You’re getting 3 full hours of massage absolutely free.  This is truly a fantastic offer, and it’s only good this month.

Home Page Special 4

August Special Package “A”

Try this soothing and affordable package. It will have you feeling absolutely fabulous.

Dry Loofah Exfoliation
60-minute D-Wave Massage
Chakra Balancing Treatment
All for only $85

Home Page Special 5

August Special Package “B”

Only in August, get this fantastic combination of massage and spa treatments – an incredible package of great-feeling, effective treatments that will leave you feeling heavenly.

Dry Loofah Exfoliation
Aromatherapy Wrap
60-minute Cold Stone Massage
Full Body Moisturizing Treatment
Essential Facial Treatment
All for only $110

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Home Page Special 7

OnGoing Deals

Ongoing Deals

There are several packages and deals that are available every day.

50% Discount for First-Time Clients Each first-time client receives a 50% discount on any regular-priced massage, spa treatment or single-visit package.

6-for-5 Plan Pre-pay for five 60 or 90 minute massages, or five spa treatments, and get a sixth one for free.

Refer 3 Plan Refer three paying clients (gift certificates excluded), and get a massage for free.

Spa Add-On Pay for a 60 or 90 minute massage, and add a spa treatment for only $25.

Choose from Body Polish Scrub, Back Mud Treatment, Front Torso Mud Treatment, Hot Mud Scalp Treatment, Foot Treatment, Hot Herbal Wrap, Aromatherapy Wrap, Bust Mud Treatment & Massage, Chakra Balancing, or Abdominal Balancing Treatment.