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Summer is here.  Time to cool off with some really hot deals.  Take a look at the great specials in the month of August.   If you’ve been trying to decide whether to visit for the first time, this is the month to do it.  And remember, first-time clients always get half off their treatments.



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Special #1 – Free Spa Treatment with 90-minute massage

This month, pay for a 90-minute massage of any style at the regular price of $90, and get a free Spa Treatment. Choose from an Aromatherapy Wrap, a Front Torso Mud Treatment, a Hot Oil Belly Massage, or a Revitalizing Mud Facial treatment. You’ll enjoy the extra long massage, and get the spa treatment free – which makes your visit all the more special. (not available with prepaid packages)

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Special #2 – Add Body Detailing to your Massage

Add several nice little touches to your massage. Start with a Dry Loofah exfoliation before your massage. Then afterwards, get a Body Wash and a Full Body Moisturizing Treatment. Add all these together for only $25, plus the cost of your massage. You will feel clean, fresh, and invigorated. Ask for your “Body Detailing” today. 

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Special #3 – 6-for-5 Special gets you more

At any time, you can pre-pay for 5 massages, and get the sixth one for free. Get 6 one-hour massages for $325. Get 6 ninety-minute massages for $450. But in August if you pay for the 90-minute package, you actually get TWO free massages.   So you get 7 90-minute massages for the price of 5, $450. You’re getting 3 full hours of massage absolutely free.  This is truly a fantastic offer, and it’s only good this month.

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August Special Package “A”

Try this soothing and affordable package. It will have you feeling absolutely fabulous.

Dry Loofah Exfoliation
60-minute D-Wave Massage
Chakra Balancing Treatment
All for only $85

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August Special Package “B”

Only in August, get this fantastic combination of massage and spa treatments – an incredible package of great-feeling, effective treatments that will leave you feeling heavenly.

Dry Loofah Exfoliation
Aromatherapy Wrap
60-minute Cold Stone Massage
Full Body Moisturizing Treatment
Essential Facial Treatment
All for only $110

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OnGoing Deals

Ongoing Deals

There are several packages and deals that are available every day.

50% Discount for First-Time Clients Each first-time client receives a 50% discount on any regular-priced massage, spa treatment or single-visit package.

6-for-5 Plan Pre-pay for five 60 or 90 minute massages and get a sixth one for free.

13-for-10 Plan  Pre-pay for ten (10)  60 or 90 minute massages, and get three massages for free.  This is by far the best deal available.

Refer 3 Plan Refer three paying clients (gift certificates excluded), and get a massage for free.

Spa Add-On Pay for a 60 or 90 minute massage, and add a spa treatment for only $25.

Choose from Body Polish Scrub, Back Mud Treatment, Front Torso Mud Treatment, Hot Mud Scalp Treatment, Foot Treatment, Hot Herbal Wrap, Aromatherapy Wrap, Bust Mud Treatment & Massage, Chakra Balancing, Abdominal Balancing Treatment, or Hot Oil Belly Massage.