Massage And Spa Packages

Single Visit Spa Packages

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy – 1 Hour – $65.00
The name says it.  This package is quick, easy, and very affordable.  It consists of a Full Body Dry Loofah Exfoliation, followed by a 45-minute massage.  If you’d like the spa experience, but only have a little time, or want to keep costs down, this is the package for you.


Delight – 90 minutes – $90.00
This unique and inexpensive package lets you enjoy the spa experience without straining your budget.  You receive a Body Polish Scrub, which is then followed by an incredible 60-minute Massage.  You will truly enjoy the combination of sensations, and you will feel marvelous for a long time.  It will be a treatment you long remember.


Indulgence – 1 ¾ Hours – $100.00
Indulge yourself in this healthful and enjoyable package.  It consists of an invigorating Aromatherapy Wrap, followed by a 60-minute  massage (relaxation, deep tissue, or D-Wave), and concludes with an Essential Facial,  You will look and feel worlds better.

Signature Package

Signature Package – 1 ¾ Hours – $110.00
This package contains my signature treatment – D-Wave Massage, along with additional elements that make this the quintessential spa necessity.  It begins with a wonderful Body Polish Exfoliation, followed by a delicious 60-minute D-Wave Massage.  After the massage, you are treated to a soothing full body shampoo.  And the package is topped off by a finishing moisturizer applied to your body.  This is a package you will want to indulge in time after time.


Balance – 2 hours – $115.00
Choose this incredible package to re-awaken your senses, and help restore the flow of energy and inner balance.  It begins with an Abdominal Balancing Treatment, then a 60-minute Aromatherapy Massage, and concludes with a Chakra Balancing treatment.  You will be alive and energized, with a renewed sense of well-being and peace


Heavenly – 2 Hours – $115.00
This is an incredibly enjoyable and indulgent spa experience.  It helps to enliven the skin, eliminate toxins, and stimulate the mind and senses.  The package starts with a detoxifying Hot Herbal Wrap, and is topped off with a wonderful 90-minute Relaxation Massage.  You will feel healthy, soothed, and pampered.  This is a package you will want to try over and over.


Luxuriance – 2 hours – $120.00
This package lets you drift away in luxury, as you enjoy a wonderful Full Body Mud Wrap (Black Sea Black Mud, Acti-Sea Green Mud, or European Rose Pink Mud), followed by a delicious 60-minute Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage.  This is a very enjoyable package, at a very affordable price.  You will be happy you did.


Daydream – 2 1/2 hours – $140.00.  This package has all the basics, for a truly enjoyable experience. It begins with a Full Body exfoliation (Body Polish, Salt Glow, Apple Cinnamon, or Pineapple Oatmeal Scrub), followed by a Full Body Mud Wrap (Black Sea Black Mud, Acti-Sea Green Mud, or European Rose Pink Mud). The package is topped off with a 60 minute Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage. This is truly a full package that will keep you feeling great for days.

Create your own package!

Create your own package!

You may select from any of the packages listed, or you can customize your experience by combining two or more massage and/or spa services. Ask about your custom package and discounted pricing.

You may choose any of the massage styles or modalities listed, or you create your own massage package, by combining two or more styles into one session.

For example, request a 60-minute deep tissue massage followed by a 30-minute Reflexology foot massage

Or combine a 30-minute D-Wave massage with a 30-minute Head Hand Face and Foot massage

Or start with a 30-minute Lymphatic Drainage massage, then enjoy a 60-minute deep tissue massage, and finish off with a 30-minute Aromatherapy massage

New Mom Packages