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Special #2 – Abdominal Balance Treatment and Hot Herbal Wrap

Abdominal Balancing Treatment

This treatment is designed to promote better digestion, visceral function, and energy flow. It includes a warm poultice and a special massage. It is normally $35, or $25 as a massage add-on.

Hot Herbal Wrap

The Herbal Wrap is a profoundly detoxifying experience, using hot, herb-infused sheets, which significantly raises core temperature, to induce a fever-like purging of the body.   It helps the body to rid itself of toxins, poisons, and excess fluid. This treatment is regularly $35, or $25 when added to a massage.

In November, get the two spotlighted treatments for only $15 each. You can add both to a single massage. Try both of them this month, and double the benefits.