Perfect Friday afternoon: 2 hours @ Dreamwave Massage with Randy.

Seriously: perfect! Started with an Aroma-Therapy-“Wrap”, which is already so relaxing (and smells great and you feel so good all wrapped up in heat), and then 90 minutes full-body-massage. Life can be really good!

 Susanne L


“I have been receiving massage therapy and spa treatments from Randy for the last three years. He always makes me feel very special and unique. No matter what treatment I have received, whether it is a deep tissue massage, a full body mud wrap, an herbal wrap, or whatever, I always leave his studio feeling refreshed, relaxed, cherished & euphoric! I look forward to every month’s treatment and am very much looking forward to trying some of his new offers in 2010.”

Denise V

“When I go to see Randy, I often have something in particular that is bothersome and painful.  He works diligently at it and around it, and near it, and an hour later I leave, and I feel sooo much better.  It’s marvelous and miraculous.  This is no indulgence (well, okay, a bit of an indulgence!), but more a necessity.  Thanks so much for what you do and how well you do it.

I have complete trust in Randy’s ability, expertise and professionalism.  He rocks!”

Deborah F

“After my first massage by Randy, I phoned my girlfriend who had recommended him and left a message. She called later to find out what I had said: I was so relaxed I had slurred my words beyond understanding. Once my power of speech returned, I have recommended him to other friends.

Randy is knowledgeable and very professional. His good understanding of human anatomy ensures that every place that aches *before* my visit will not be sore *after*.”

Rose M

“Randy is professional and diligent about making sure your needs are taken care of. I love his salt scrubs and mud masks and just feel pampered after I leave his studio. He may not have an official spa he works in, but the trade off is huge: attention, quality and a great price. After one of his spa services, I have never left feeling my time wasn’t well spent.

Corinne E