Full Body Mud Wrap – 60 minutes
Your body is coated with a mud compound, containing nourishing minerals, essential oils, and extracts with differing properties. Then you are warmly wrapped, letting the mud work, for approximately 30 minutes. Each mud has different properties, for different results. Choose European Rose Mud, which is moisturizing, Baltic Sea Mud, which is great for drawing toxins, or Active Seaweed Mud, used for firming and stimulating the skin. You may also choose to add fragrance or other essential oils, such as Lavender or Peppermint.

Aromatherapy Wrap – 30 minutes
This treatment starts with essential oils, in one of several different fragrances, massaged lightly into your skin. You are then wrapped warmly for approximately 15 minutes, letting the oils penetrate deeply through your skin, and the lovely aroma relaxes you, awakens you, and makes you feel wonderful about yourself. It is a simple treatment, but oh so effective. Try this treatment soon.

Hot Herbal Wrap – 40 minutes
The Herbal Wrap is a profoundly detoxifying experience, using hot, herb-infused sheets, which significantly raises core temperature, to induce a fever-like purging of the body. The treatment begins with a hot shower, to bring up core temperature. This is followed immediately by the hot sheet wrap.

It is extremely effective in helping the body to rid itself of toxins, poisons, and excess fluid. This is especially important for a person who is attempting to detoxify, lose weight, quit smoking or drinking caffeine, or tone muscles. But it is great for almost anyone at any time.

Lush Hydrating Wrap – 30 minutes
The compound in this wrap binds moisture into the skin to provide deep, lasting hydration and skin protection. It’s a great way to get your skin feeling alive and looking great.